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Hit those hard-to-reach targets with our vast collection of Rimfire Ammunition. CCI and Federal ammo are perfect for pest control and varmint hunting! From Shotgun to handgun ammunition you’ll shoot better and further with us. Whether you’re Military or civilian we have the right Rimfire Ammo for your firearm. Check out our Hog Hunting 101 guide for even more tips and tricks for your next big hunt! Or, come see our entire ammunition collection for other firearms and calibers. jeffweaponsstore is happy to offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $350!

Competitive Shooting Explained: Types of Ammo, Weight Difference, and Recoil

When most shooters start competing, they usually don’t spend much time worrying about their ammunition. Most new competitors just use their usual training ammo or whatever is cheapest.

That works just fine for the most entry-level competition. But, as you get more serious about competing, you start looking for ways to gain an edge, even a small one. Using the right ammo can give you that edge.

And, if you’re just getting into the competition, you might as well just skip ahead and start out using the best competition ammo.

But, what is the best competition ammunition? Here’s how it breaks down.

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